photographer and editor living in oakland, ca.

currently an assistant editor for VSCO

questions?  ~ ~ 

— *image by aysia stieb


vsco - assitant editor of style (2016 - present)

photographers to watch 

thrifted and styled

documenting home

vsco - curator (2015 - 2016)

color scheme


layers of space

artpace - exhibitions intern (2014)

mexicarte museum - screen printing instructor (2014)

texas state university - printmaking studio monitor (2013)

rhino graphics - print assistant (2012 - 2013)

bfa studio art - printmaking, texas state university (grad. 2013 cum laude)


behind the scenes — making a fashion editorial, vsco

slash denim — vintage levi's, vsco

shop local, vsco

editor's picks — vsco's coffee table

uo happenings — shade creators q&a

about — kameron richie, urban outfitters

real people, real bags, joshu+vela

the brigade issue #1, bad vibes brigade

new proximity, shade zine

raw paw: alien zine, vol. 6

colloquium with neoaztlan contemporary art journal

artist journal set by alison whitworth

x marks the art, re-drawing the city catalogue

tumblr artist spotlight

raw paw charm zine: vol. 4


flatbed contemporary print fair

texas state benefit auction

x marks the art, re-drawing the city

group hug, pump project flex space

group hug, the lullwood group

strike a chord, austin bergstrom airport

the end: bfa thesis exhibition, texas state university

special recognition artist, eyes got it! - big medium, east (east austin studio tour)

palaver - solo exhibition, blue orange gallery

the compound, halloween show

all-student juried exhibition: elizabeth dunbar, texas state university

wake the dead, print exhibition

get me outta here east (east austin studio tour)

fasa show at pump project: satellite space

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